JUNE 30TH, 2020 
 11:00AM PST 

Vertigo Day [ vur-ti-goh-dey ]

virtual event on June 30th, 2020

Vertigo Day is the world’s first online event for providing the latest treatment resources and testimonials to the dizziness community.

At Vertigo Day, you’ll learn:

  • The newest techniques and research from vestibular specialists

  • What you can do to treat your dizziness from home

  • Hopeful stories from Dizzy Patients worldwide

  • And a simple action plan to get your dizziness under control

June 30th, 2020 at 11:00am PST

This is a virtual event

Dizziness is the symptom of many conditions which makes it challenging to find the root cause.

As a result, many dizzy patients go to 5 or 6 doctors before actually getting a proper diagnosis. Along the treatment timeline, it’s easy for dizzy patients to lose hope.

Vertigo Day is here to restore hope to the dizzy patients of the world. We’re a community that is stronger together. And we want to hear from you!


Dr. Brooke Pearce
Co-Founder & Vestibular
Treatment Specialist at Dizzy
& Vertigo Institute of
Los Angeles

Dr. Chelsea Nava
Co-Founder & Vestibular
Treatment Specialist at Dizzy
& Vertigo Institute of
Los Angeles

Amy Lennox
Director of Hypatia Dizziness
& Balance Clinic

Prof. Dr. Soumit Dasgupta
Consultant Audiovestibular Physician & Clinical Lead in Paediatric Audiology, Alder
Hey Children’s NHS Trust

Prof. Dr. Margie Sharpe
Director and Principal of the
Dizziness & Balance
Disorders Centre

Dr. Marco Mandalå
Head of Division UOC Otorinolaringoiatria at Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese, Università di Siena

Prof. Dr. Alfarghal Mohammed
Audiology Physician at National
Guard Hospital, Jeddah

 Prof. Dr. Leonardo Manzari
Director at MSA ENT Center
in Cassino, Italy

QuHarrison Terry
Healthcare Technology Entrepreneur
& VC at Mark Cuban Companies


Session 1: Dizziness 101 – An Introduction to Vestibular Dizziness

Session 2: The Varieties of Vestibular Dizziness & How They’re Treated

Session 3: Anxiety, Stress, and Dizziness

Session 4: When to Start Your Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Session 5: How We Fix Dizziness

Session 6: The Future of Dizziness Treatment

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